When It’s OK to Give In

I thought I was moving to fast for the cold/flu bug to catch me, but alas I was wrong. Over the weekend I told my husband I felt like I had a cold in my back. He looked at me kinda weird but he knew what I was talking about. No sooner than I got the words out of my mouth, it hit. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy! Chills, all over aches, sore throat, congestion and the sniffles. It was going to be a loong night.

The next morning was slightly better. I did manage to workout before I left to teach my eager to learn students at the college. As much as I tried to convince myself that I could shake it off, ye old virus dug in a bit deeper. As the day progressed my voice went from raspy to downright hoarse. Still not giving in I muddled through training my clients. Hand sanitizer for everyone!

Tuesday morning greeted me with a voice that sounded like Freddie Krueger, Darth Vader and about 6 screeching dinosaurs. A quick search of the medicine cabinet yielded 18 month Alka Seltzer plus and Contact Cold & Flu. Off to the drugstore I go. With TheraFlu in hand I prepared to say sayonnara to whatever bug had decided to take up residence in my system. Thus the tug of war began.

Armed with a steaming hot cup of TheraFlu, laced with a secret ingredient, my blankie, and my laptop I began the vigil. Sleep didn’t come easy and it was fitful. Five hours would have to do me, I was ready to start a new day. As soon as my feet hit the floor I knew it wasn’t over, but I had to go to work. Changing the lesson plan was easy and I doubted that my students would mind leaving early. They’d probably never admit it, but I’m sure they were glad I could barely speak above a whisper. I also made it through the evening training sessions and I hope my clients weren’t put off my the permeating stench of bleach in the air. If they noticed they were polite enough not to say anything.

The TheraFlu ritual resumed and I still felt like I’m been run over by Godzilla. Between the hacking coughing, headache inducing sneezing and the wretched night sweats I was so ready to cry UNCLE!!! I’m not one to stay in bed once I’m awake, however this morning I gave in. Whatever I’d planned to do today would have to wait. I’m staying in.


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